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Why it’s awesome to implement templates into your biz

by Zoe Scott on July 23, 2021


When you own a small business, you gotta be adaptable. Things move quickly and, particularly when you’re just starting out, it’s you that has to respond to everything.

If you’re an accountant I would take a guess that your skills lie in managing people’s finances and doing their tax. Compared to say, posting on social media or designing a new logo. But when you’re the accountant AND head of marketing AND CEO, you have to do all the things and you’ll find yourself pulled in all the directions.

It’s ok, I see you.

In the early days of my own small business, one of the smartest decisions I made was investing in a business coach. The key takeaway I received from this investment was, learning where my time is best spent. This meant refining all our processes and outsourcing where we could.

I’m a designer so my time is best spent doing the design things, while I get an accountant to help me with the money things. If your time is not best spent on design things, it’s time to bring some templates into your biz.

If you’ve been too busy and have somehow missed the template memo, let me give you the DL.

Design templates are pre-made documents or designs that you can make your own, simply by adding your business info. They’ve been set up to meet the specs of the places you intend to use them and designed to appeal to the people you want to see them.


Here’s why you need design templates in your business toolkit.


  1.       The hard work is done for you.

Like I mentioned earlier, templates are created to meet the specifications of wherever they’re going to be used. That means, you don’t need to search the dimensions of each of the social media platforms you’re planning to post on. Just add the update you’d like your audience to know about and post!


  1.       They’re super affordable.

When you buy a template, it’s yours to keep. You can use it over and over, making minor adjustments each time. If, for example, you like to have a schmick business proposal design to send to your clients, grab the proposal template and update it as needed. There’ll be no need to engage a designer on the regular anymore.


  1.       They SCREAM professional.

Yes, you can pull together a business card using Canva. Just like I can do my taxes every year. But I prefer to get the most out of every single dollar spent in each financial year, so I call on my accountant who’ll get the job done in the best way possible. Likewise, if you want yours to really pack a punch, choose a business card template created by a brand designer.


  1.       They keep it consistent.

The very best business brands are instantly recognisable, no matter where you see them. It doesn’t really matter if you have the best individual design elements for your business. If they’re not aligned, unfortunately it’s just confusing. With a suite of design templates in your kit, you’ll have beautifully designed, consistent biz collateral, no matter where you need to use it.


  1.       They provide instant gratification.

I am the first to declare that good brand design takes time. The awesome thing about templates is, while they are the epitome of excellent design, the time has already been spent. By the time they make it to you, the toiling for hours on end has already been performed so that you can simply add your design elements and take all the credit!


If you’re still a little unsure about templates and how they’ll work for your business, you should take a look at this great how-to vid >

How to Use Our Templates in Canva

An important part of running a successful business is knowing where your skills are and where you should use them. While you may not financially be in the position to outsource to a designer, incorporating templates into your business is an incredible runner-up option. With awesome brand design at your fingertips, whenever you need it, even you’ll start to believe you’ve got an inhouse design team.


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I have loved working with The Design Orders' amazing templates. They have been perfect for my photography business to create price lists and documents. Not only have they saved me so much time, but they also look so beautiful and maintain such an amazing consistency for my documents. Thanks so much Zoe.

Spindrift Collections

Instead of wasting hours of time with ubiquitous Canva templates that everyone uses, mucking around trying to make things the right size and placed in the right spot, it was a dream to simply have it all done for me. I am opening a new business and have 1000 things to do and it was so great not having to worry about design templates, or having to engage a graphic designer. Having engaged designers before for each separate item, business cards, then, With Compliments, then Thank You cards, the list goes on, this site has saved me thousands of dollars - yet I still get the same quality as a studio designer! Seriously it’s a no-brainer.

Brooklyn Tasting Room

Brains + Beauty is exactly what you get with TDO templates. Not only do they look beautiful, they also give your content creation seriously strategic clout. Designed with more than just good looks in mind, these templates are a must-have for businesses that want to be taken seriously, but look good in the process. Triple Threat! Thanks Zo!

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