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How to moodboard like a boss

by Zoe Scott on June 09, 2021

the first step to creating an awesome brand



“Your brand is your strategy and it leads your culture”.

Melissa Marsden



This quote is THE perfect summation of my branding philosophy.

You see, your brand influences absolutely EVERYTHING. It will help shape what your business will become, your attitude, what you believe in and, who you’ll work with. It is so much more than your visuals and, it’s for this reason you want need it to be perfect.

To guarantee you nail your business branding, you need to set it up right, from the beginning. And the best way to do that, is by going deep with moodboarding.

Let me take you through it.


Step 1 – Define your target audience.

No. Like, *really* define your target audience. To say they’re all women over 50 or that they’re men from Sydney is just bouncing around demographics.

Give them a name and an age. Figure out what problems they have in life and how your product or service can solve them. You might like to create an avatar and give them everything they need to set up a clear profile.

If you’re struggling for inspo, think of your favourite clients. The ones that have been a joy to work with or who have been your more profitable jobs. Consider the work you’ve done which has totally reinforced why you do what you do. THEY are your target audience.

When you’re starting out in business this can be a little tricker to lock down.

That’s why it’s important to revisit this exercise every year to see if your client type has shifted as your business has grown.

For more information about defining your target audience, you should really take a look at our Essential Branding Workbook. Download your free copy and head to the section which will take you through it in a little more detail.


Step 2 – Create your moodboard.

And this is where the fun begins!

Get creative by curating the words, imagery and colours which will make up your brand. Try not to get too distracted by all the pretty things you like. Remember, you’re making a collection of elements which appeal to your target audience. Of course if you happen to be your target demographic, great! Otherwise, take all the emotion out of your selections. Similarly, don’t be tempted to ask your partner, friends, or family for their opinion. If they’re not your audience, it doesn’t matter what they think.

Immerse yourself in sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Unsplash where you’ll find imagery, styles, fonts, colours, all the things which will appeal to your dream clients. Try sourcing from a range of places. You could print things off, pull out a pair of scissors and your favourite mag or even walk around some favourite local spots snapping inspiration on your phone.


  1. My hot tip for creating your moodboard: nail your colour palette first.

    As I’m sure you’ve noticed, certain colours will evoke certain feelings. Like, the way blue has you feeling cool and calm, while red heightens your energy and emotions. If you can isolate your colour theme, it will serve as a great guide for the rest of your choices.

    When it comes to choosing your colour palette, Canva has this awesome new feature you should definitely try. All you have to do is upload an image that incorporates a colour theme you like and, hey presto! Canva will create your palette for you.

  2. Now it’s time to add the words.

    Throw down the words which best represent your brand personality and appeal to your dream clients.

    For example, TDOS (the little sister of TDO) is upbeat, fun-loving, stylish, helpful, relaxed. She is not, snobbish, excitable, serious, arrogant or simple-minded. In fact, we even have our own brand celebrity – Celeste Barber to encapsulate what she is all about.

    I’m sure you’re one of the 8.1m people already following her on Instagram so I don’t need to inform you that she is the epitome of Aussie humour.

  3. And then, the images.

    Go with the visuals that encapsulate your brand identity. The pictures which tell the story of your words, that represent what you’re all about and which also match your colour palette.

    Choose wisely here. This should be a slow and considered process so I’d suggest putting the kettle on before you get started.

    Now, pull everything together into your moodboard. Here’s a template you can use to make it easier for you.


Step 3 – Share your moodboard.

 After all that hard work, you now have a great visual plan with which you can brief your brand designer. Or, if you’d like to do it yourself, you’re all set to start creating your own brand.

With this visual representation, you’ve captured what you do, the essence of what you’re about and how you’ll attract that all-important, target audience. It will inform your brand creation from the fonts you choose, to the colours and the style of your logo.

And the best way to capture all this awesome brand goodness is in your very own Brand Kit. We’ve created this super helpful Brand Kit, a collection of pages with layouts for you to drop in all the elements which will come together to form your business brand. Head here to download your free Brand Kit.

From here, you’ll be ready to get started on your basic style guide, THE guide for your business branding.


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