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Background be gone! The inside scoop on one of Canva’s most awesome features.

by Zoe Scott on November 23, 2021


Canva Background Remover Tool

It is totally fair to say that THE biggest game changer in DIY brand design has been the release of Canva.

This awesome platform turned the entire design world on its head when it made design features - previously only available with a lot of money and / or training - accessible to everyone. Given that, here at TDOS we create our design templates to be compatible with Canva as well as InDesign, it’s pretty clear how highly we value the platform.

We’ve loved Canva for a while. In fact, you’ve probably read our previous posts waxing lyrical about it. And just when we thought we couldn’t possibly love Canva anymore, the team came out with a release to end all releases. The kind of design feature which will save you hours of toiling over some fancy design software, most likely accompanied by colourful expletives and maximum levels of frustration.

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you: Canva’s Background Remover feature.

Yep, you heard it right. Now, with the click of a button you can remove the background from your images. 

Just like that.

(Full disclosure, there’s more than just one button to click and, you might have to type a few things too. Plus, you will need a Canva Pro account.) 

BUT! It really is ridiculously easy. 


  1. Log into your CanvaPro account - if you’re not quite sure you’re ready to make the investment of $17.99/month, sign up for their free 30 day trial and test it out. You can do that here > 
  2. Upload your image (or pick one from their comprehensive image library).
  3. Click on the effects button (you’ll find it up in the top corner of the toolbar).
  4. Select Background Remover.
  5. Be amazed as your background disappears, right before your eyes.
  6. Drag your image into the perfect spot and,
  7. Download!

Now you might be wondering how you could use the Background Remover feature to enhance your business brand design. Wonder no more, we’ve got you covered with these great suggestions.

Jazz up your image with your business branding -

if you’re lucky enough to have an awesome headshot or product image ready to go but the background isn’t quite right, it’s time for the feature! Rather than outlay for a whole new set of images to suit your brand colours and theme, remove the background of your existing image and place it into a beautifully designed, brand-appropriate background.

Drop your image into well…basically anything! 

the beauty of this awesome feature is the flexibility it allows as you tackle your DIY business design. Coupled with a suite of design templates for every facet of your business, your background-free images can be easily added to presentations, business proposals, social media posts and, the list goes on. Once the clunky background has been removed, you’ll be left with a gorgeous image which suits anything and everything.

Remove distracting or irrelevant elements - if you’re trying to promote a certain product, you want your audience to be able to focus on said product and not the random photobomb you’ve managed to pick up as you captured it. With the Background Remover feature, you’ll choose what is the star of the show, with minimal time and effort required.

We love that Canva is all about making design accessible because quite frankly, we share their passion. Once you’ve nailed down your business branding, with Canva and our gorgeous design templates, you’ll have everything you need for a schmick, consistent presence in all the places.

I you are not sure whether Canva is the right choice for you and want to find out more about it before diving in - we have created a handy video you can watch to suss out all of its basic features. You can suss that out here >

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